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What is dethatching?

Dethatching is the process of removing layers of thatch, which is a layer of dead grass, roots and other debris that accumulates between a lawn's grass and the soil. Too much thatch can choke out grass and keep it from getting the nutrients and water it needs. Dethatching is typically done with a specialized machine called a dethatcher, which uses metal tines to comb through the grass and break up the thatch layer.

How I operate this service?

Dethatching is a more simple service than the rest, How I would operate is set my machine to the height to best pick up the thatch in your lawn, and run lines up and down your property to properly cover the whole area of your lawn.

What is the benefits of dethatching?

  • Aids in water penetration: Thatch is made of tightly woven weeds, grass stems, and roots that can form a dense layer over the lawn. This layer can prevent moisture from getting to the soil beneath, which can result in dry patches of grass. Dethatching allows water to penetrate the grass more easily.

  • Improves air circulation: Thatch can also prevent air from reaching the roots of the grass and other important areas of the lawn. Dethatching helps improve air circulation to these areas, leading to healthier turf.

  • Stimulates new growth: Dethatching removes old, dead material that is blocking out sunlight and preventing new growth from taking place. This can help stimulate new growth and encourage lush, green turf.

  • Makes fertilizing more effective: Fertilizers are most effective when they are applied directly to the soil. Thatch can prevent these nutrients from being absorbed by the soil, leading to an uneven distribution of fertilizer. Dethatching removes thick layers of thatch, allowing fertilizer to reach the soil more easily and be absorbed more effectively.

  • Reduces weeds: Some weeds thrive in thick layers of thatch because they are able to access nutrients that other plants cannot

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