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Debris Cleanup

Lawn Weeds

Weeds that form in your lawn will be sprayed with a combination of tenacity, Southern AG Surfactant, and water. This combination is one of best due to how safe it is for your lawn and how well it works. This herbicide takes around a week for your weed to fully die, by the end it may leave a yellow spot in your lawn for a short period but returns to green by the end of the next week. This combination also prevents new weeds from sprouting in your lawn. Applying this spray instead of picking the weed is actually way better for your lawn becasue picking them would be diggin up your yard instead of just killing the plant. This may take a bit of time but is in fact the best and safest lawn weed herbicide out there. 

Any location weeds

How do I operate this service?

Any debris in your lawn you would like gone I would be more than happy to come out and remove it, cleanup the area, and haul everything away with quality. Examples of debris I can cleanup include leafs, pine needles, branches, fallen trees, grass, and much more.

Why do it?

Surprisingly leaving certain debris on your lawn can often damage patches of grass and slow grass growth or stop it altogether. It can be a huge blocker from getting your lawn the nutrients it needs, and can also encourage pesticides and diseases for your lawn.

Benefits of this service 

  • Pests, exposed and not given a hiding place, will move on fairly swiftly. This could even save your home from a vermin invasion.                                                              

  • Can prevent the death of your lawn and keeps it staying healthy.                                            

  • Gives your property an aesthetically pleasing finish                                                    

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