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About Me

My name is Bryce. I am 16 years old, and I am the owner of WildGreen. I started this business so I could afford my first truck, but now I am focused on building this business to be the greatest in Spokane. I am a hard worker and also very motivated. I may be 16, but I have a lot of experience and knowledge about how to make your property look its very best. I will not disappoint if you allow me to work for you.


About WildGreen

With my services I always make sure you are satisfied and happy with my work. To ensure satisfaction, I work around low prices with high quality. I personally communicate with my clients and treat them like family. I will always make sure you are pleased, and if any problems occur I will make sure to resolve them with you. I am always open to your opinion and how you would like the job done, since your priorities come first. I am also constantly working to improve the quality of my work.


Located on Five Mile, Spokane, WA.

My main work radius is Five Mile. But any landscaping jobs will be accepted outside Five Mile

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