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WildGreen services are completed through hard work and provide great outcomes. I charge low prices, for high quality to make it easy for you to have the best looking property in the neighborhood.

Spring and Summer Services


Lawn Care

Tired of going out every week and mowing in the hot sun? Simple solution... don't. Hire me and let me do all that hard work for you while keeping your lawn healthy and enhancing the natural beauty of your property. Allow me to efficiently care for and improve your lawn with my weekly maintenance, so you can have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood!


This service includes: Mowing, Trimming, Edging, and Cleanup.

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Maintenance & Removal

Overgrown shrubs and hedges are no fun; they block your window, run on your sidewalk or driveway, and just aren't visually appealing. So instead of letting them overrun your property, let me take care of them and turn that problem into a beautiful, cost-effective solution.


This service includes: Trimming, Pruning, and Cleanup.

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Aerating is an amazing service for your property since it helps to reduce compaction and make it easier for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This helps to make your lawn look healthier and more vibrant. In addition, aeration helps to improve drainage, reduce the amount of thatch, and control weeds.


This service includes: Sprinkler head marking, Aeration

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Tired of seeing your lawn health slowly decline? Well this service may be the solution. Dethatching helps to reduce the amount of excess thatch which can prevent water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil and grass roots. As a result, dethatching can help to improve the drainage, aeration, and nutrient uptake in your lawn, resulting in a healthier lawn overall.


This service includes: Sprinkler head marking, Dethatching

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Pressure Washing


Pressure washing is a service that can transform your property entirely, I can guarantee after removing dirt or any other substance stuck on your house, driveway, patio, deck, etc... will look 5x better than before. ​ This service is important because it can prevent the growth of destructive mold, mildew, moss, and algae that can cause repair issues down the line.


This service includes: pre-chemical treatment and washing

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Mulch Laying

Old mulch is not only not as efficient in keeping the health of your plants, but it also reduces the visual appeal and most people find the faded gray mulch to be more unattractive than much. Eventually all mulch will decompose and no longer provide the benefits it was designed for. Organic mulches provide nutrients to your soil, while retaining moisture and protecting the soil. As your mulch decomposes or is reduced in depth, you are more likely to see more problems with soil erosion and weeds.

This service includes: (optional) old mulch removal or weed barrier fabric laying, mulch laying

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Debris Removal

Removing any unwanted debris is essential in promoting the health of your lawn or essential to improving the visual appeal. This service provides cleanup of any type of debris overtaking your property. From pine needles to fallen trees, I can get out there and get it out, and guarantee the highest quality of removal and cleanup.


This service includes: Removal, cleanup, hauling away

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Fall and Winter Services


Fall Cleanup

Dead leaves lying on your lawn can have a huge impact on your grass. This necessary removal will ensure your grass does not die, get pests, fungus, or flooded. By removing leaves, you can preserve the health of your lawn while restoring its natural beauty.  

This service includes: Leaf blowing, Raking, and Cleanup

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Snow Removal

Looking For Snow Removal? I am here to help! I offer snow removal and de-icing to prevent the risk of your driveway and sidewalk getting froze over or damaged. Hire me and get quality removal hassle-free and worry-free. 

This service includes: Snow blowing, Snow shoveling, and De-icing

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