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What is aeration?

Aerating a lawn involves using a specialized machine or tool to create small holes in the soil and remove cores of grass, thatch, and soil. This process helps to improve a lawn's health by increasing air and water circulation, as well as helping to break down thatch buildup. It also aids in creating thicker, healthier grass by allowing fertilizer and other treatments to reach the root system. Aerating a lawn can be done either manually or with an automated aerator machine.

How I operate this service?

      One of the main benefits of my service is how much lower my price is than the rest of the market. As soon as you call, I get to work on aerating. I have much knowledge about the process of aerating. I mark all sprinkler heads to prevent any damage to them. I will give you the option of leaving the plugs on the lawn or picking them up, but leaving them can improve the health of your lawn by decomposing and adding to your soil.

What are the benefits of aerating?

Aerating is beneficial for a number of reasons. By creating small holes in the soil, it helps to increase oxygen levels, improve water drainage, and increase the availability of nutrients. Aeration can also help to reduce compaction, which can allow beneficial microbes and earthworms to better break down organic matter. It can also help to improve the overall health of your grass by encouraging deeper root growth and helping to create a stronger, more resilient turf.

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