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Bush/Shrub Maintenance & Removal

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What is Bush/Hedge Maintenance

Pruning and trimming hedges is an essential gardening skill that involves removing the dead or overgrown stems, roots and branches on hedges, trees and shrubs. By trimming each year, it encourages healthier, thicker and more symmetrical growth of your plants. Something that everyone wants. In essence, pruning and trimming are techniques which follow the natural processes of nature, only in a more controlled and managed way.

Benefits of trimming and pruning

  • Improves leaf growth and flower yield                                                                                                    

  • It removes old or infected deadwood                                                                                                              

  • It improves the health of the plant                                                                           

  • It Increases sunlight delivery to newer shoots                                                            

  • It encourages buds to open                                                                                         

  • It creates an aesthetically pleasing finish

When and how I would work?

When I cut varies depending on the season and your plant species. With non-flowering shrubs and evergreen hedges, it is important to reshape them before they become overgrown to prevent weed growth and health decrease. I would cut these in warmer months 6-8 months apart, minimum beginning in spring till fall. With early spring flowering shrubs they will be trimmed right after they bloom. Summer or Fall blooming shrubs will be trimmed and pruned in early spring after new growth has set but before bloom or buds start to form. Or both types In winter months. 

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